Who is behind the scene (management level)



IT Architect and consultant with 12+ years of experience in enterprise solutions. He possesses strong passion for connecting innovation and technology with the real world in order to deliver more value and better experience for both business and users. Loves travelling and electro mobility.

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Test Case Manager / QA Specialist / HR

Has deep desire to understand clients’ needs and figure out technical solutions how to get there. He has strong commitment to deliver highest value for all sides and is the engine of the team. Enjoys fishing and reading books.

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Technical Lead and Fullstack Software developer with over five years of professional experience. He has deep project experience with Java, Spring Framework, Angular etc. Uses each opportunity for personal development and broadening his knowledge. In his free time he likes car racing, training, traveling to different destinations and reading.

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Quality Assurance Lead

She has an eye for perfection, with resilient patience, pragmatism and precision she designs processes for an outstanding work and flawless products. High reliability and robustness are her highest objectives. Likes to travel and watching movies.

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