• Schober Group: A customer with high expectations

    Schober is Europe’s leading marketing service provider for over 60 years. The company helps customers in over 40 countries with data, data solutions and technologies in the field of market development, both nationally and internationally. The basis of the offered services are the decades of experience in the address and data management and knowledge-based methods in the fields of analysis, aCRM and database marketing.
    Initial situation:
    Due to its successful Data Solutions projects the company has grown steadily. As part of a multi-year major project for an international car manufacturer it needed experts with proven skills in the field of external project management and development in order to provide short-term help thus ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and mantaining Schober’s reputation.

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  • Despite the haste or just because of the ideal partner!

    Just like firefighters we had to quickly establish a solution. Nokia needed a database that should be merged into the global test results. A highly complex system, which had to be hastily built from scratch. Markovski Solutions was the best choice for me! Due to the incredible flexibility of the professionals the constantly flowing data could be processed securely in no time. The high quality and structuration in the implementation brought the project to a success. Markovski Solutions – a rescue in greatest need. Thank you!

    Nikola BonevNokia
  • Finally - a professional in the boat!

    When Mr. Markovski had asked me to write something about our relationship, I remembered an old saying: “Nothing good happens unless you do it.”
    Actions speak louder than many words: unagitated but efficient project management; clear and transparent communication are the words that I associate with Markovski Solutions. Not only the technical knowledge of the optimal software structure was remarkable but the leadership knowledge was amazing as well.
    Despite the difficult environment the project was completed within the deadline, not only in terms of scope but also in terms of budget!  A rarity these days.
    What more could you want?

    Andreas Bickel
  • Quality commitment and flexible response to changes!

    One of the unique features that Markovski Solutions has, is their always up-to-date high knowledge and know-how. It is an inexhaustible source for fast work and planned in advance quality delivery. I thought, OK, you think that you are a big deal. But I was able to discover in the development of trophies management for the Volkswagen portal “MeinAuto” that those were not empty promises.
    Markovski Solutions started working fast and practical. And best of all we were able to intervene during the development phases of the project at predetermined intervals in order to make adjustments that were not apparent to us at the project launch phase. This was done without these fundamental changes that delay a project. So we were able to use the best software on time and directly with the proposed benefits for our customers from it. It is fantastic to work with professionals!

    Christian Weber
  • Safety, quality and more jokers in sleeves, all the goals achieved!

    As a sales manager of Artur Küpper GmbH & Co. KG I was implementing our IT projects with Markovski Solutions, most importantly because we could rely on them to achieve our goals at 100% in the most efficient way. Their various knowledge and labor resources were the needed factors. It was surprisingly easy for Markovski Solutions to handle the situation in contrast to the generally prevailing shortage of skilled professionals in the industry. Markovski Solutions took  a brilliant “Joker” from one of the sleeves – I was thrilled. There was not a single moment in which I have had the feeling that the project is not completed or specified and any complex application could not be implemented as desired.
    All applications, targets and objectives have been achieved without exception. What more could you want?

    Holger NiesArtur Küpper GmbH & Co. KG
  • Ad Hoc success results from day one!

    As a project manager for the Volkswagen group, I was responsible for project implementation named “People’s Car Project”. On this online platform the visitors gave over 119,000 car ideas for the future and about 33 million web surfers visited the page daily.
    Markovski Solutions received the task to create an additional application containing customer data growth and maintain it. In the background there was this very useful tool for an automatic statistical evaluation campaign. It was available in real time.
    From the beginning Markovski Solutions not only did their programmer job, but the major benefit for us was their primary concern of development. Upon completion, the software was able to be fully utilized at 100%. No start-up phase, no problems! The additional users immediately brought tangible customer benefits and this was important for the portal. So in a short time the project objectives were fully met and even exceeded.

    Bülent AydindagVolkswagen