IT Company focused on crafting Next Generation digital solutions

About Markovski Solutions

Markovski Solutions is an IT Company located in the heart of Rousse, Bulgaria. We are focused on providing our customers with a high-standard digital solutions using the Agile methodology process. We are specialized in developing web and mobile applications, developing and integrating Big Data systems, developing Connected Car applications and many more. Passion and commitment are our spirits of doing things, fun and inspiration – well it’s just there!

Our clients see us as one of the top software development companies, capable of long-term professional relationships. In exchange, we provide them with the highest quality possible digital solutions. We search out and hire the best engineers in the area, providing them with exceptional work and a friendly environment. Our passion turned into our mission: to make our clients happy and respond to their rapidly changing technology needs.

Our Values & Ethics

Our strong values are the foundation of the company – they’ve been there from the beginning. They are the reason for our success!

Markovski solutions Markovski solutions IT Company
  • Go above and beyond – Exceeding our customer expectations is our number one priority
  • Pursue excellence – Great just isn’t good enough for us!
  • Long-Term view – We look beyond the present to deliver future value
  • Success – We archive consistently our target goals
  • Time Management – Agile Methodology time Management
  • Teamwork – We believe that together we can do so much!

Our Services

We offer High Quality services with professional touch, by developing technologies that automate and augment workflow


Requirements Management, Enterprise Architecture, or external IT Review to find out possible issues and identify the black spots. The small things make the biggest difference.


Get a realistic plan for your projects according to agile methodologies and understand your own established processes. Quality Assurance and long-term client satisfaction are what counts and we will help you get there.


Here is where the rubber hits the road and we deliver value to you and your customers. With professional delivery and a passionate team of geeks, we have helped plenty of clients.


Existing systems must run flawlessly and be upgraded to match the ever-changing business needs. Quality assurance, reliability, and flexibility are essential for success. Call us for references in your industry.

Project Experience

We sustain our development by bringing together our stakeholders to create new services or cutting-edge technologies. Together we go further!