Privacy Policy

1. Information collection and tracking
1.1. Visiting our website

You can visit our website without giving away your personal information. Markovskisolutions is not using Google Analytics (or any other tracking service).

However we are using Google Maps as we need to make sure that our clients and job candidates find our location with ease. During the conversation between our website and Google Maps your IP may be stored and sent to Google. Please refer to the privacy policy of Google to find out more information:

Our CMS is setting different types of cookies. Some of them are related to the logged-in administrator and therefore are not set for the general public visits. These cookies are not to be mentioned in this Privacy Policy for the stated reasons.

For the public users, does not set any cookies.

We do not collect additional information, such as your age, gender, interests, bank details or clickstream, except when you explicitly contact us about job applications for our Circle of Excellence program. See more information about this case in point 2.1. of this Privacy Policy.

Markovski Solutions may store IP addresses in the server logs. This information is needed for security purposes and is only stored for a minimum amount of time – 1 month at most. This information is not to be considered as tracking, nor it is provided to any 3rd parties whatsoever!

2. When you contact us

While you can use our website without giving out your personal information, once you contact us via the Markovski Solutions website (either by explicitly writing an e-mail to our specified contact address or by using explicitly the provided contact form under the “Your Future” subsection of the website), it may collect information about you but none of the information will be stored in our site database.

The information you fill in (personal information such as your name, email address, etc) may be processed and may be stored only as a correspondence in our email client so that it is possible for us to contact and respond to your request or job application (see section 2.1. of this Privacy Policy).

2.1. Recruitment

If you apply for a job with Markovski Solutions, we will collect, process and store the information you have sent us for recruitment-related purposes, such as contacting you.

You may apply by using the contact form under the “Your Future” sub-section of the website. This contact form does not store any privacy data in the website’s database, nor the server logs. All data that you send using the contact form is directly and securely transferred to the HR email address of the company:

If you do not receive a reply from us, regarding your job application, you can consider this as a signal that you have not been approved as a suitable candidate (at CV level) and therefore your provided information will be deleted immediately and will not be stored, nor processed again (for the HR purposes stated above).

The recruitment process at Markovski Solutions has the following phases:

* Initial contact by the job applicants;

* (Optional – depending on the job application type) Sending a task to all approved candidates (approved at CV level);

* Invitation contact for a job interview;

* Notifying the approved candidates (approved at interview level) that they have reached contract signining phase;

* Signing the contract and starting their career at Markovski Solutions – bear in mind that we have contract with a company that manages our financial and HR data. The company is called V and M Company and they are GDPR compliant. Website:;

Your provided personal information will be stored securely during all of these steps. In case you have failed as a job applicant on some of these steps, your personal data will be deleted immediately and will no longer be processed (for the HR purposes stated above).

No personal information will be provided to 3rd parties whatsoever!

2.2. Business contacts and inquires

In case you contact us for business inquiries, the information that you explicitly provide regarding your inquiry, may be kept and processed for the duration of the business communication and only for communication purposes and/or in case of signing a contract for specific project. In case of the latter your information will be also kept for communication purposes only during the contract duration.

No personal information will be proivided to 3rd parties whatsoever and no information will be stored in the website’s database!

3. Information Security

Markovski Solutions cares to ensure the security of personal data. When our website collects information about you, we also make sure that your information is protected from unauthorized access, loss, manipulation, falsification, destruction or unauthorized disclosure. This is done through appropriate technical measures.

4. Information Correction, Access & Deletion

If you believe that the information we have about you is incorrect, you are welcome to contact us so we can update it and keep your data accurate. Any data that is no longer needed for the purposes specified in Information Collection and Use will be deleted.

If at any point you request that Markovski Solutions is to:

  • provide access to
  • update
  • delete

any possible collected information about you, you can simply contact us at by using one of the specified ways below:

In case if you want to delete all information about you, send us email with subject “Request for privacy data deteletion”. As a content you must specify how to search for you. We can find all of your potentially stored information by using your:

  • name
  • phone number
  • email address
  • IP address

After deleting all of your data, we will send you back an email stating that everything was deleted. This last email will also be removed from our email client as well so that we will not have any data for you.

In case you want us to provide information about you, send us an email with the subject “Request for privacy data access”. Specifying how to look for you (explained in the first case). You will receve an email with all the data we may have for you. In case we do not have any data, you will receive and email stating this fact and this last email will be deleted from our email client.

In case you want us to correct or update any potentially stored information about you, send us an email with the subject “Request for privacy data update”. Specifying how to look for you (explained in the first case). You will receive a confirmation email that your data has been updated successfully.

5. When this Privacy Policy applies

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the services offered by Markovski Solutions directly via our website. Our website does contain links to other websites – Facebook and LinkedIn. Once redirected to another website, this Policy is no longer applicable and your behavior is not our responsibility.
Please bear in mind that if you decide to follow Markovski Solutions on either of these two platforms, they can set cookies so that they can track you and therefore manage your personal data in the respective social media networks according to their respective privacy policies. Markovski Solutions (as the page administrator) does not use any of the data provided by the insights tools of the social media networks for targeting, advertising or any other activities. These pages are only for communication purposes. In case you are not happy with this you should not consider following us in the respective social media pages.

This version of the Privacy Policy is effective from January 2018.

6. Changes

We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy. We constantly review our Privacy Policy and strive towards making it better.

Markovski Solutions will not reduce your rights stated in this Policy without asking for explicit prior consent to the changes.
All changes to our Privacy Policy will be available on this website. You can access the previous versions of this Policy here.

 7. To sum up

In accordance with applicable law, we may only collect a limited amount of information about you that is necessary for improving our service.

We do not use profiling, we do not sell or in any other way spread your data to third parties, we do not use your data for purposes other than what we have specified. No data is stored in the website’s database.

We also make sure that your data (if collected) is stored securely. We delete all information deemed no longer necessary.
We constantly review our Privacy Policy in order to make it better and protect you more.

The following Privacy Policy is created accordingly to the requirements of GDPR and the respective laws of the EU.

​8. Additional questions or inquires:

If you have any additional questions about collection and storage of data, please contact us at:

Sofia, “Borovo”, bl.10, Bulgaria
+359 87 6257528


+359 87 9846007